What is Cavallari?

Cavallari is your Neighborhood gourmet meat market and specialty grocery shop! Our Store combines the wide selection you would expect from a supermarket with the attention to detail of a gourmet market. At Cavallari you can grab your favorite dish, snack, dessert, wine or beer all at the same convenient location! The pride of our store is our Premium Meat Quality & Selection. We strive to provide the best quality meats in Central Florida, from Prime USDA Beef, Premium Poultry, Tender & Flavorful Pork and more. Whether you enjoy cooking from scratch or just throwing something on the grill, Cavallari has something for you! We also carry specialty food and cooking items, including your favorite imported brands. The Staff at Cavallari is friendly and knowledgeable, seeking to make your shopping experience wonderful.  

Our Customers are focus of our efforts at Cavallari. We realize that without our fantastic customers our passion of providing authentic gourmet food wouldn’t be possible. Our goal at Cavallari is to provide you with a unique shopping experience; high-quality products, massive selection, affordable prices, and personalized customer service.

Cavallari Gourmet has been serving great food to the Orlando area for over 10 years.. Since day one, Cavallari has been a family owned and operated business. Long-time Oviedo residents with a taste for great steaks and delicious meals dreamed of having a unique italian style market in their hometown. They knew if they wanted a neighborhood gourmet market they would have to do it themselves. The idea for Cavallari Gourmet was born. We have incorporated the style of real Italian markets with the type of food and drinks our customers love. At Cavallari we started with the highest quality meats and a knowledgeable staff. So early in 2006, the first slabs of meat hit the cutting boards. We sharpened our knives and have never looked back. In the 10 years since opening our doors, Cavallari has continued to pride itself on its meats, selections and prices.

What does the future hold for Cavallari?

Spreading our love of amazing food, friendly atmosphere and the distinctive Cavallari experience to even more customers. We are going to continue to give you, and every customer, a truly unique shopping experience unparalleled around Central Florida. Our dream is to keep building strong bonds to the community, working with local companies and producers to increase our selection and keep our customers satisfied.

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Big City Style Sub Sandwiches


Specials for December

Boar’s Head Oven Gold Turkey

Price $6.99 lb

Boar’s Head Longhorn Colby Cheese

Price $6.99 lb


Prime London broil

Price $8.99 lb

Stew Beef

Price $5.99 lb

5 lbs or more Lean Fed Beef

Price $4.99 lb

Thick or Thin Center Cut Pork Chops

Price $3.99 lb

Baby Back Pork Ribs

Price $4.99 lb

Prime NY Strip

Price $20.99 lb

Goat Cheese with Rosemary and Herb Chicken Roll

Price $4.99 ea

Sweet Teriyaki Beef Kebab

Price $4.99 ea

Teriyaki Chicken Kebab

Price $3.99 ea

Chicken Marsala

Price $11.99 lb

Skirt Steak

Price $9.99 lb

Parmesan Chic Itl Sausage

Price $3.99 lb

Hot Parmesan Itl Sausage

Price $3.99 lb

Mild Itl Sausage

Price $5.99 lb

Cucumber Onion Salad

Price $3.59 lb

Bacon and Cheese Potato Soup

Price $7.99 ea

Greek Pasta Salad

Price $7.99 lb

Andouille Sausage

Price $4.99 lb

Kalamata Olive Hummus

Price $5.99 lb

Italian 4 Cheese Potato

Price $2.99 ea

Broccoli Apple Salad

Price $7.99 lb