Lamb & Specialty

Let us help you push your culinary prowess or enjoy an old family recipe.
Lamb! It’s not just for sweaters anymore.
Lamb is so delicious and easy to prepare. You can stew it! We can help. Whether it’s juicy lamb loin chops, french-cut rack of lamb*, boneless leg of lamb roast, ground lamb, or lamb kebabs, we can set you on your way to a fantastic meal.

Looking for veal?
We also carry a selection of veal cuts in our freezer. Veal shank for “Osso Bucco,” veal chops, and veal cutlets to name a few. Perhaps you’re looking for a bird of a different feather. We also have frozen pheasants, quail, ducks, geese, cornish hens, duck breast. And rabbits. But those don’t have feathers.

*Availability of many specialty meats is subject to market conditions and price.