Ready for Dessert? Try Our Homemade Sweets & Pastries

From our crowd-favorite giant chocolate éclairs to real cannolis stuffed-to-order, we know we’ll have something to satisfy your craving for something sweet. Our selection of tasty desserts are homemade here at Cavallari and Italian/French influences, such as the popular Creme Brulee Cheesecake or Italian Cookies. During Holidays and Festivities we always have special made desserts; Chocolate-Covered Strawberries during Valentines or Pecan Cheesecake for November.

Have a special occasion coming up? While most of our desserts are by-the-piece single servings, our bakery can do large cakes and special order items. Birthday cakes, special favorites, even wedding cakes. Call the shop and ask to speak to someone about ordering a special dessert.

Please call the shop to place your order.
Please do not fax or e-mail orders