Authentic Italian Deli in Your Neighborhood

Boar’s Head Cold Cuts & Cheeses Plus Homemade Deli Favorites

Our Deli is many customers favorite part about Cavallari. First, we carry Boar’s Head products at prices lower than Publix and other markets. We also have a full selection of Big City Style Subs/Sandwiches. This includes classic subs like our Zesty Italian and Angus House-Roasted Beef. We also offer some specialty subs, like our Famous Chicken Salad or Big Apple Pastrami on Rye. And If that isn’t enough of a reason to try our Deli, how about the fact that we have homemade deli favorites and delicacies available? Here is a list of some of our most popular deli items:

-Red N White Chicken Salad

-Broccoli Apple Salad

-Fresh Mozzarella

-Famous “Cavallari” Chicken Salad

Grab a pound of your favorite deli item for lunch, or as an appetizer for dinner. Cavallari’s Deli items also make great party dishes or the perfect side for a nice steak. Which dish will become your new favorite? Find out today!