Amish Country Young Fresh Turkey



Grade A premium non-basted young turkey. Pop up timer roasting gauge. Netted for protection and case of carrying, and has the handy weight / price tag.



* Grade A premium quality – Satisfaction Guaranteed.
* All Natural – No Artificial Ingredients.
* Pop up timer roasting gauge pops out when the turkey is done to perfection.
* Netted, with conventional loop handle and price / weight tag.


* Consumer assurance of premium quality.
* Many consumers see this as higher quality; better for those concerned about additives.
* Consumer see this as easier and more convenient.
* Package appearance enhanced and protected; easier to carry; more convenient for marking and reading weight and prices.


100% all natural turkey, with nothing added.

SHELF LIFE: 21 Days at 26 ℉
STORAGE: Hold at 26 ℉