Support Orlando Small Businesses: Shop Cavallari

Support Orlando Small Businesses: Shop Cavallari

Did You Know the First Week of May was Small Business Week?
At Cavallari We are Proud to be a Local Small Business in Central Florida. We started our first store in Oviedo over a decade ago. Since then we have been thrilled to become part of the local community and to be able to participate in events such as local tastings, beer samplers, farmers markets and community cookouts! Our recent store in Lake Mary is another chance for us to become a staple of the community around Central Florida. We want everyone to be able to try our products, hand-made and crafted with care by local Cavallari employees!


Our Community and Relationships With Customers are Really What Drives Us to Provide Delicious Products and Excellent Customer Service. Why Choose to Shop Small & Local?

  • We Bring Uniqueness to Our Community- From Our Beer Samplings to Brisket Cookouts, We Try to Involve Our Customers
  • Small Businesses Have a Passion and Customer Focus that Big Businesses Can’t Compete With
  • Product Diversity- We select products based not on a national sales plan, but on our own interests and the needs of pur local customers. We gurantee a much broader range of product choices.
  • Diverse Selection & Customization- Every Customer is Important and We Go Out of Our Way to Provide Rare Specialties and Customized Orders
  • When You Buy from Local Businesses, You Stimulate the Local Economy- We Also Stock Other Local Companies to Promote Local Growth
  • Community Well-Being- Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining local shopping areas, linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes.

Being a Small Business is a Blessing for Cavallari. It Allows Us to Build Relationships with Our Customers & Communities, Making for a Unique Experience. We are grateful for the benefits that being a small business allows us as a company. We are able to focus the priority on our customers and providing the freshest meat and dishes.

Stop by today to see how we differ from the larger chain grocery and meat stores in the area. The difference really shows in comparing our deli and butcher selection to the competitors. From our homemade burgers, kebabs and meatballs to our steak selections, Cavallari is the place to find unique and eclectic dishes and food. See what exciting and tasty surprise awaits.

Shop and Eat Local Today.

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