Drink Local: M.I.A Beer Company

Drink Local: M.I.A Beer Company

We love supplying the Central Florida area with our favorite beers. Especially when we can support local breweries from the state of Florida. Cavallari is proud to stock various beers from stylish Miami-based brewing company M.I.A. They are known for vibrant designs and a vast portfolio of unique brews infused with Miami’s rich culture. They are known for continually crafting new formulas and incorporating exotic and locally sourced ingredients into their beer. Make Sure to join us this Saturday for a special beer sampling event featuring M.I.A Beer Company products!

Here are some of our favorite selections from M.I.A brewing avaliable to Cavallari customers. You can sample all of these at Cavallari Oviedo on April 29th or stop by anytime to grab some.

Miami Weiss 

Hefeweizen-Style Ale (6% ABV)

Citrus – Light – Sweet

The flagship beer of Miami. This traditional German-Style ale is brewed with wheat, barley and orange peel. This unfiltered hefe produces vanilla, banana and bubblegum esters.


Tourist Trappe

Belgian-Style Tripel (10% ABV)

Fruity – Spicy – Strong

This tripel is brewed with blond malts and a touch of sugar cane. It’s fermented with Belgian Abby yeast strain that imparts gruit and spicy yet soft, well rounded esters. Easy on the palate, but deceptively strong.



Pilsner Lager (6% ABV)

Dry – Light – Floral

A light-bodied German-style Pilsner lager with a well balanced hop presence leaning more toward the aromatic side. Floral, earthy and spicy hops pain a beautiful portrait in a style many consider to be the first beer to truly showcase the range & complexity of hop flowers.


Mega Mix

Pale Ale (6% ABV)

Aromatic – Bitter – Hoppy

A West Coast style beer, that blends perfectly into the East Coast taste. This light bodied pale ale has a Megamix Mosaic, Galaxy and Citra late addition and dry hope. Hugely aromatic and mildly bitter

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To See Cavallari’s Upcoming Sampling Event Featuring All the Beers Mentioned Click Here

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