Let’s Face It

Let’s Face It

Let’s face it, Cavallari Gourmet is the best meat market in Greater Orlando.  There are probably a hundred reasons why I would say that Cavallari Gourmet is the best meat market in Orlando, but we’ll just talk about one of the reasons for now: “facing.”

Get ready for some serious insider meat cutter lingo here.

“Facing” is what we call it when we take off the front and back of one of those big pieces of meat before we cut it into steaks.  Incidentally one of those big pieces of meat is called a “primal.”

So, before any steaks get cut we “face” the primal by carefully slicing some meat off the front and the back side of the piece.  These “facings” either go into the trash or we clean them up and put them in with our trimmings – destined to become some of our famous fresh, lean ground beef.

Why do we “face” each primal before we cut it down into steaks?  There are a few reasons, but at the end of the day it’s all for you, folks.  Because this is how you make sure that only the best steaks in Greater Orlando are in the display cases at Cavallari Gourmet Market.

When meat gets packed and shipped the outside portions sometimes take a little bit of a beating and often these outside portions will have a little more of the leftover fat on them.  We don’t want these portions to end up on your plate as a steak so we “face” the piece before we cut it into steaks.  We cut off those outside portions and keep them for our trimmings.

How about another reason we take “facings.’  Let’s look at a Short Loin: that’s the term for the primal that we cut into our amazing Porterhouse Steaks, our amazing T-bone Steaks, and (my favorite) our amazing Bone-in NY Strip Steaks.  The portion of this cut that comes from the back end near the sirloin typically has some more gristle and some more fat spread throughout it.  There is nothing you can do about that – it’s just the way they build steers these days.  But we want to do our best to make sure that your steaks are all tender and delicious so, once again, before we cut that first Porterhouse Steak we take “facings” off that big piece.  That first portion that has the most gristle and fat gets cleaned up and we add it to our trimmings.  The next cut becomes a Porterhouse Steak.

And it doesn’t stop with our attention to detail.  The facings we take off are huge!  That means that we are sacrificing more of those expensive primal cuts to make sure all our steaks are awesome!  Trust me when I say that a Big Grocery Store Meat Manager would be shocked at the pieces of meat we choose to cut off as “facings” and grind rather than sell as as a premium piece of beef.  But here it’s just one of the everyday things we do to make sure the steak you buy at Cavallari Gourmet is the best steak you can get.

Because “let’s face it” – Cavallari Gourmet is the best meat market in Greater Orlando.

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